Company Overview
CINEVR is a virtual movie theater, immersive and social allowing users to watch movies, TV shows, series, video games in Live, Replay or VOD with up to 9 friends per room. The app was downloaded 350k and users can enjoy watching 2D and 3D trailers, 360┬░videos and local videos. In addition, users can choose to watch videos in immersive 3D environements to fit with the content and enhance the experience. From Q3 2019, CINEVR plans to release 100 blockbuster movies in VOD, which could be bought by users within the app with popcorns, our virtual currency. CINEVR is a fremium app. Users can download the app for free to watch trailers, local contents or free contents. They can also buy buckets of popcorn to purchase scenes or, later, movies and many others goodies.