Company Overview
DEC Visual is a member of Decai Holdings, which was founded in 2018. we are only focus on producing the Fine Pitch LED displays, we have the most thin(38mm thickness) and light(5kgs/panel) fine pitch led screens in the world. We are a medium size company with fast development. Our fine pitch products were widely used for TV studio, Control center, Command center, Monitoring room, Meeting room, Class room, retail shops, hotel, airport, railway station, motor shop etc. Some unique features of our products: -The most thin and light(38mm thickness, 5kgs/panel) -Cable-free connection between panels -Module-based curving design(3times smoother than normal panel curve design) -2K LED TV(108'​'​, 136'​'​, 162'​'​) -Smart LED Poster(Controlled by Cellphone or iPad) -Common Cathode design(high brightness with low power consumption and low temperature)