Company Overview
FURUKAWA manufacture HDTV Optical Camera Cable and accessories. In Japan our cable has already achieved the leading market share, with approximately 50% of major broadcasting stations relying on Furukawa optical cable to deliver their HD TV programming. Our cable has gained approval of the top TV camera manufacturers and used for many EMEA broadcasting applications; OB events, Studios and Stadiums. Furukawa offer the SUPERIOR QUALITY cable, which is RELIABLE for demanding broadcast applications. Furukawa perform simulated field tests which prove superior quality, high performance and reliability: • Abrasion tolerance test • Compression loading & impact tests. • Cyclic flexing test. • Bending tests; (fiber and cable) • Twisting tests In our experience the combination of high performance; cable, connector and termination, delivers a reliable solution for the demanding broadcast market. International standards • Furukawa’s deployable cables are also compliant with SMPTE 311M, ARIB & EBU standards.