Company Overview
Axinom is a digital solutions provider in the media and entertainment industry, serving the industry with scalable and robust products for content management, and protection. Our products have powered some of the biggest media, broadcast, and telecommunications organizations in reaching a global clientele of millions.

Since its inception in 2001, Axinom has worked with industry leaders and partners to create a range of products and solutions, covering the backend components for a seamless workflow in OTT. The products are content management (Axinom CMS), and content protection with multi-DRM service (Axinom DRM), supported by globally deployed backend interfaces and services with extensive APIs and integrations. Through numerous possibilities of integration with third-party or existing customer systems and various services, our products are capable of handling subscribers, payments, reporting, personalization, and much more.

Axinom follows a modular and cloud-agnostic approach for all its products and services to enable seamless compatibility and integration.