Company Overview
A World for Telecommunications” is the right definition for this company. Starting in 1998 as exclusive distributor of high-quality equipment and accessories, from some of the best manufacturers in the broadcast world (Commscope-Andrew, Plisch, Spinner, Kathrein), Telsat always concentrated its energies to create one Excellent Team of very skilled Professionals, having the capabilities to design and realize full integrated Radio & TV networks. Nowadays Telsat manages strategic activity areas as Station Engineering, Coverage Studies, Network Planning, Design, Realization and Installation of Radio and TV Antenna Systems, Provision of Complete Turnkey Solutions for Broadcast Systems and Highly Specialized Technical Support for Assistance and Training. From June 2016 Telsat became also an FM Transmitters Manufacturer, introducing a full range of products with the MARKONI SERIES Transmitters family, composed by MKRT models, with a range from 50W to 40kW, available in single drive, dual drive or N+1 configuration, for the maximum redundancy level.