Company Overview
Videosolution Group is a scientific-production company which has 29-year experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of professional TV equipment for different level studios ranging from home to broadcasting equipment. The production row integrates about 100 articles including: Family of Videomixers “Odyssey”, teleprompters, multiviewers, switchers, videoconverters of different types , camera cranes, and additional equipment are the products we are proud of most of all. The company Spets TV, a member of the groups, develops and produces professional DVB receivers of the S2 / S / T2 / T / C series of DTN, DST, QAM modulator (QTX-2), EPG server, multichannel decoder (DMX-01) and other equipment for the organization of digital and analogue broadcasting in cable and IP television networks The entire range of devices manufactured is based on multi task principles, multi format compatibility.