More than ever before, video creators and distributors are taking their videos directly to their audiences, circumventing traditional TV distribution (Statista estimated the number of subscribers to OTT services worldwide ballooned from 46 million in 2012 to 401 million in 2017, with a predicted growth to 650 million by 2021). Vimeo OTT is one of Vimeo's technology offerings and makes the process of launching an SVOD channel dead simple. It unlocks powerful technology that was previously reserved for major studios and production houses and lowers the barrier of entry so anyone-- from an individual yoga instructor to small business to a global media company-- can build their own custom branded video subscription service. Megan Wright, Lead of Vimeo's Enterprise Solutions, has worked to scale the support of over one thousand subscription services using Vimeo's over-the-top technology to reach their audiences. In this presentation, Megan will showcase the ins and outs of Vimeo's OTT product-- everything from our white label apps to our flexible monetization options to our world-class streaming and livestreaming capabilities-- while providing insights around when and how to leverage technology to build a booming OTT brand that will engage and scale audiences.