As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, humans are embracing cutting-edge new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, 8K, IoT and bioengineering. As these increasingly integrate into all aspects of human society, they will both drive digital transformation and improve the consumer experience. 8K brings the ultimate visual experience to the end user to make video more realistic and more immersive, as an intelligent world becomes all connected and AI moves from the centre to the edge of networks to drive innovation for the majority of consumer electronics devices.

This event will look at the pioneers who are pursuing the ultimate video experience and want to contribute to moving the 8K + AI industry forward.

Sessions include: 

  • Defining a new chapter of ultimate video experience with 8K + AI

  • 5G + Cloud, enabling media industry transformation

  • AVS3: A new codec standard for 8k

  • Unpacking 8k super security


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